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    When most ladies get engaged the first thing they want to do is visit a Bridal Show or for others the thought of going anywhere near a Wedding show gives them hives! However, visiting a wedding show is a great way of opening your mind to different ideas, things you probably would never have thought of.  I have a few tips Brides shoulf keep in mind before they go…

    First thing, bring someone with you, your Mum, a friend or wedding planner because the one thing about a wedding show is that they can be over whelming! Depending on the size of the show you will need someone to keep your on an even keel and balanced, plus it is always a help to have a second opinion when it comes to making important decisions.

    The next thing is make a list. There is so much to organise when it comes to your wedding day, you need to go to a show prepared otherwise you will come away forgetting something. If there is something you know for sure that you would like, do some research before you attend so you have more knowledge and information when it comes to prices, that way then you can challenge the ventor on the price!

    Finally, bring a pen and check book! Vendors will be handing out postcards and leaflets with their contact information and discounts. As you work your way around the wedding show alot of vendors offer one off discounts on the spot so it is important to keep notes, while working your way down the list so you will know who is who?!

    It is that time of year when the Violets Attic team will be attending many different wedding shows. The first for 2014 is on Thursday 6 March at Wardens Newtownards. It is a small local show with everything from Bridal fashion and Mother of the Bride to Menswear and Morgage advice,  plus Wardens is a great place to have your wedding list! We will be there too with incentives and information about why you should have your Hen party with us! The show starts at 6pm to 9pm, FREE entry and FREE parking!

    If you are a Bride or know a Bride, come along it would be great to see you there!


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Salon Newtownards, Vintage Beauty Parlour

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    A short Valentine’s Poem..

    Hearts and flowers on Valentine’s day.

    Heart shaped candy, help me say: I Love you in a special way, because love is the reason for Valentine’s day.
    Valentine’s day is a special time for songs to sing and poems that rhyme, a happy time for everyone. I’m so glad you’re a friend of mine. :)

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